177 CO2 Air Rifle Suggestions

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Hi everyone,
I'm currently on the lookout for a 177 CO2 air rifle for small game/vermin control, mainly rabbits. I know there is a hot debate on whether 177 or 22 is better for this but I've decided to settle on a 177. I'm browsing at the moment so if anyone can recommend a decent rifle that's going for a decent price I'll definitely take a look. My budget is ideally no more than 300, But if that's optimistic I could go higher for a good quality rifle.
Thank for an suggestions.
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Dave Lakes

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Assuming you mean PCP as there are very few CO2 to choose from-

You can find an Air Arms S400 for that money which will be laser accurate.

BSA Ultra would also be a good bet at that price, and a bit smaller and more manageable than the S400, but at the expense of accuracy (probably not to the extent that you’ll notice).

Kral Punchers can be good, but seem to vary wildly on quality.

If you really do mean CO2, then as above; Crossman are the leaders in that area (and only ones I can think of actually).


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.177 with 10 grain bisley mags gives you the ballistics of a .20 - same with a .22 loaded with 13grainers.

Calibre choice really doesn't matter. Pellet type and grain choice within your calibre band is most important and then knowing your drops with chosen pellet (that exhibits best consistency) and then loads of practise.

C02 guns are a joke to be fair, the price you pay for the canisters soon adds up to what you'd pay for a PCP, and they vary in air pressure consistency that the fps spread is so wide your groups open up as the weather changes by degrees.

Get a second hand BSA r10 or something, or HW100 - probs £500 second hand will full kit inc. bottle.


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If you are truly meaning CO2 you really need to look at 22, you wont achieve the power with a 177, the power also varies depending on the weather, as a 'toy' they are great but for a tool to do the job not ideal, as for makes the only ones that come to mind are crossman or smk, I have used the crossman ratchatcher and it is way to light for me to shoot accurately, I have shot a mates smk (I dont know the model, takes 2 CO2 bulbs back to back) and that is a nice little gun, I would choose that over the ratchatcher any day, in 22 they both only achieve about 9 foot pounds.

If your budget can stretch to a pcp the skies your limit, and in my opinion 177 becomes viable, but the price does climb when looking a charging gear, having said that there was a lot of chatter about cheap pumps from china on here over the lockdown, they can be had for about £30 and they do the job.


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As others have said, I'm assuming you mean PCP rather than CO2. I'd go for something from the BSA range. Find something second hand like an Ultra SE or R10 SE depending on what shot count you want. I'd replace the factory regulator with one from Huma to ensure a more consistent power level, its an easy DIY task with plenty of guides online.

Colonel Rimfire

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Yes I had the Ultra in .177 and got rid of it in the end, the Mrs hated she said it was too accurate to be interesting!

Personally I prefer springers, as you don't need any peripherals other than a tin of pellets.


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Yes I had the Ultra in .177 and got rid of it in the end, the Mrs hated she said it was too accurate to be interesting!

Personally I prefer springers, as you don't need any peripherals other than a tin of pellets.
PCPs can feel a little 'sterile' to shoot vs a springer.... but OP wants a rifle for vermin control, and as such there is no such thing as "too accurate". Rat or red stag, the objective is still clean kill, and as much inherent accuracy as possible aids that outcome.

Springers do only require that tin of pellets - but the vast majority of people would struggle to achieve anywhere near the same level of consistent grouping from one as they would with a PCP.

I would discard CO2 from consideration & look into some of the v sound recommendations made above for the stated purpose.

(....and yes, I have owned and shot plenty of springers - the air rifles, not the dogs! - over the last 30+ years, and still own some now. But for vermin shooting, I take a PCP every time. Why? Because they are just so much easier to shoot accurately on a consistent basis)


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As others have said, don't bother with co2 as a pest control tool, get yourself a BSA ultra in .177, mine is absolutely Lazer accurate, I have head shot rabbits stone dead out to 50yards, find the pellet it likes, put a half decent scope on board and it will do everything you need and more, you should be able to find one around your budget.

old keeper

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I totally agree that the Ultra is an excellent rifle. However, Depending on your budget the set-up I've got specifically for rats is an FX Dreamline with a PARD007 on board. The reason I went for this is, firstly it's a stupidly accurate rifle, secondly, the side lever action is very fast to operate. But the thing that clinched it was it has an 18 shot magazine and is capable of around a hundred shots from a fill makes it ideal when shooting in the dark. Loading up small 177 pellets in a very small magazine can be difficult!


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CO2 is an unreliable power souce, the crosman range out of the box are an absolute joke, for your budget I'd look for a decent springer, most PCPs in that price range will be dogs although you can get them. At sub 12ft/lbs .177 is probably the better choice
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