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  1. For Sale: SSG 69 .308 & .243 & bits.

    For Sale: SSG 69 .308 P1/P2 Hybrid (Sights removed and P2 bolt handle fitted) Brl shortened to 20" and screw cut M18X1 Professionally powder coated in "Afgan Green" which is a little like Flat Dark Earth. Shoots exceptionally well with 150-180 GN Projectiles. (load data will be supplied) Round...
  2. For Sale: Sauer 202 ring mounts 1"

    Hi all, I have what I am told are Apel ring mounts for a Sauer 202. They are 1" and the bluing is in pretty good condition. I can't find them in the current catalogue so I think that they must be an old model. They do not have the screws to mount them to the action but I believe that they...
  3. Anyone recognise these mounts?

    These came off a Sauer 202. Think that I was told they were Apel. Does anyone recognise them? All best, Z.
  4. For Sale: EAW Bases & Rings

    Dear All - here are the Apel Quick Release Bases (Rem 700 / Sauer 202) and 30mm Rings that went with the Leupold VX-R advertised below. £125 ONO. :shock: Regards Ron
  5. Apel bases. Advice on correct tightening sequence and torque.

    I have a S&B rail scope mounted to a Tikka with apel two piece mounts. The bases are secured by a slotted knurled screw with a centre 3mm Allen screw. Are these two separate screws? If so is the centre Allen a "locking screw"? How tight should they be torqued to? I have read they can be over...
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