Apel bases. Advice on correct tightening sequence and torque.


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I have a S&B rail scope mounted to a Tikka with apel two piece mounts.
The bases are secured by a slotted knurled screw with a centre 3mm Allen screw.

Are these two separate screws? If so is the centre Allen a "locking screw"?
How tight should they be torqued to?

I have read they can be over tightened but can find no spec on correct torque.

All advice gratefully received.


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If you don't get a quick reply, you could phone Alan Rhone ( gun shop ) ask to speak with the gunsmith, great guy and very helpful,
and I do believe they supply and fit Apels.

Jon Smith

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Cap screw fits the knurled ring, normally locked so that they do not turn separately. The do come loose occasionally.

Jon Smith

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