1. Torque Screwdrivers

    Thinking of investing in a Torque Screw driver for scope mounting , action screws etc. Any experience of a sensibly priced option? I am not looking to become a professional gunsmith , just torque up scrres etc. on my own kit with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Cheers Chris
  2. Apel bases. Advice on correct tightening sequence and torque.

    I have a S&B rail scope mounted to a Tikka with apel two piece mounts. The bases are secured by a slotted knurled screw with a centre 3mm Allen screw. Are these two separate screws? If so is the centre Allen a "locking screw"? How tight should they be torqued to? I have read they can be over...
  3. Maximum torque requirements for riflesmith?

    I'm looking to buy a torque wrench for the various uses in connection with my various rifles, e.g. scope, chassis, barrel change. What is the maximum torque that I may expect to have to use on the rifle and / or fitted accessories? Any recommendations as to manufacturers, models or torque wrench...