1. For Sale: 2 x ATN ABL 1500

    2 x ATN ABL 1500 Both great condition: Complete with: * Central mounting kit * Additional battery (1 per ABL) Both bought direct from ATN summer 2023. I had one on my NV unit and one on my Thermal but realised that all my quarry is no further than 150 yards, so these were overkill / not needed...
  2. For Sale: ATN Mars LTV thermal riflescope

    • 640x480 sensor • 35mm 3-9x Lens • Ultra light thermal rifle scope (1.4lb - 650g) • Easy mount - Easy to use • Includes eyecup, scope cover, usb-c cable, lens tissue. £2,799
  3. For Sale: ATN X-sight 5 LRF series

    • 5-25 magnification • Ultra HD 4K+ smart day & night vision rifle scope • Built in laser rangefinder • Ballistic Calculator • Video Record in ultra 4K resolution • Includes IR850, standard rings, flip open cap, eyecup, sunshade, usb-c cable, lens tissue and scope cover £1250
  4. For Sale: ATN Binox 4k

    • 4th Gen - 640x480 sensor (1-10x) • Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Vision Binoculars • Laser rangefinder (1000 y/m) • Video record • Built-in IR Illuminator • Included soft carrying case, usb-c cable, neck strap, lens cover and lens tissue. £2,750
  5. Sold: Pulsar Axion Key XM30 & ATN Mars LT

    Pulsar axion Key XM30 £650 Few years old but still working well Some wear on external finish but all works as it should Small lightweight unit, a massive upgrade for anyone using NV or a first thermal for someone. ATN Mars LT 320x240 4-8x zoom £950 35mm lens, purchased September 2022...
  6. Sold: ATN Mars-HD 640 X 480 2.5-25x Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope

    I bought this with the best intentions, but the shooting permission never materialised. and it is not getting used. I have used it only around 30 Hrs total, it is pristine and is supplied with a contessa quick release X-Mount for for picatinny rail and 2 sets of KENTLI batteries (8 of) and a...
  7. ATN 4K pro. One piece quick detachable mount

    Hi all. Any one know of a one piece mount for the above. Looking to swap between 3 rifles. Seen one but not paying £300
  8. Warden adder first shots

    Hi all. As you may know I’ve bought one. I sold my x-sight 2 to buy this because I found the atn too “cluttered” to use with too much going on, poor battery life, the controls difficult to use. And it seemed to unbalance the rifle. As I’ve just managed to use it ( the adder ) on the range here...
  9. ATN X Sight 5-18x Day/Night Vision have arrived

    We have now taken delivery of the first batch of ATN X Sight 5-18x and are currently testing functionality. We will contact everyone who has placed an order strictly in the order they placed their order with us. If we could ask that you would be so kind as to please wait until we call you to...
  10. ATN X Sight Delivery Update

    Hello all ATN X Sight Stock Update: ATN shipping has now been confirmed officially and we now have an estimated delivery date into the UK. We have confirmed shipment for delivery of a large quantity of ATN X Sight 5-18x Day/Night Vision Riflescopes arriving the week beginning 15th December...