ATN 4K pro. One piece quick detachable mount

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iain b

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Hi all. Any one know of a one piece mount for the above. Looking to swap between 3 rifles. Seen one but not paying £300


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Hi iain b,

have you considered the Dentler system (English brochure), which allows you to switch any number of scopes/optics between different rifles - without having to re-zero every time? Essentially, the system has a standard base (Dentler Basis) for your first rifle and an upper mounting rail per scope (for rings, rails, aim point, etc.) Once connected, you zero the first combination to say 100m. The other rifles get the variable base (Dentler Basis Vario): after you connect the 2nd rifle to the first scope, you again zero the combination, but this time by adjusting the Vario base (to say 100m) - not the scope. Complete for all your rifles and scopes and you’re ready to “plug-and-play” with 100% accuracy.
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