ballistic turret

  1. Swarovski Z6i windage BT

    Morning everyone, Firstly apologies if this has been asked before. I have a swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56 BT, I'm away to buy a znikiz BT to fit the top turret (not a fan of the color dot rings, would prefer numbers). Is there a BT windage turret? If so where can I buy it and who can fit it? Is there...
  2. Scope recommendations

    Hi all, Currently using a Zeiss V4 3-12x56 on my 6.5 creed. A lovely scope, however I’d like something with ballistic turrets, a finer reticle and parallax adjustment. Budget would be around the £1000 mark. Ideally the reticle having a single dot for point of impact and not too cluttered with...
  3. Wanted: Shooting Range 100m-300m

    Guys, Myself and a couple of mates are looking for a casual few hours zeroing in our ballistic turrets. Doesn't have to be anything formal... As long as it's safe. Anyone know Anywhere? Willing to pay. Inverness / Highland / + or - 50 miles. Cheers