1. .243 or .308?!

    I know this has been talked about but my questions are slightly different... The .243 appears to have a better BC than the .308 when comparing a 100gn .243 to a 150gn .308 (which seems to be the norm for each respective calibre) - this said, then why do so many people recommend upping to a .308...
  2. Ballistic turrets- standard compensation factors to switch from using 168gr .308?

    Hi all, Can I ask for your wisdom please... I have a Meopta ZD 3-12x50 w/ ballistic turrets which feature twin vertical scales- a) distance (in 25m intervals from 100-425m) based on .308 168gr and b) clicks (.5 MOA)- my preference is for the distance scale utilised alongside a range finder. I...