bavarian mountain hound

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    Sold: Northern Ireland - Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400

    Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400 bitch - £70 deposit secures (non-refundable) Pups currently three weeks old - Viewings now available (Sire and Dam always present) All pups wormed (at 2wks with Panacur liquid) and will be fully inoculated. Microchipped on request...
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    Bavarian Mountain Hound

    So I'm taking the plunge and getting a BMH. I think I'm going to get a bitch, but are there any distinct differences in character in the bitch and the dog I should maybe be concerned about? (apart from the obvious!!) wild excited either way. Watched my friends doing a hunt one lucky day and...
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    I am from Poland. My father is a hunter. We have a big farm. And two hunting dogs. Bavarian Mountain Hound just had puppies.
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    Hi fellow Stalkers, I am new to this forum. I am a professional deer manager and passionate countryman. I have been stalking for over 20 years mainly Fallow, Roe & Muntjac, although I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and shot most species of big game in the EU, my favourite being...