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  1. Greetings

    Hello folks, I’m a hunting guide in Canada, looking for a well bred Teckel or BMH pup to bring to Canada for blood tracking moose, bear and deer.
  2. Sold: Northern Ireland - Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400

    Bavarian Mountain Scenthound x FT Springer Spaniel £400 bitch - £70 deposit secures (non-refundable) Pups currently three weeks old - Viewings now available (Sire and Dam always present) All pups wormed (at 2wks with Panacur liquid) and will be fully inoculated. Microchipped on request...
  3. Bavarian Mountain Hound

    So I'm taking the plunge and getting a BMH. I think I'm going to get a bitch, but are there any distinct differences in character in the bitch and the dog I should maybe be concerned about? (apart from the obvious!!) wild excited either way. Watched my friends doing a hunt one lucky day and...
  4. Hello

    I am from Poland. My father is a hunter. We have a big farm. And two hunting dogs. Bavarian Mountain Hound just had puppies.
  5. New Member

    Hi fellow Stalkers, I am new to this forum. I am a professional deer manager and passionate countryman. I have been stalking for over 20 years mainly Fallow, Roe & Muntjac, although I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and shot most species of big game in the EU, my favourite being...
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