1. Sauer 100 Fieldshoot vs Benelli Lupo in Wood

    What do you think chaps? Which do you prefer? Both have a similar adjustable trigger pull down to 2.2lbs although I personally prefer less. Both seem high quality and a little different although the Sauer sits a little more on the traditional side. Both seem to fair well in reviews and...
  2. Sold: Benelli super Vinci 12ga 28 inch £750

    Black, as new, 28” barrel. Only ever put 1 box through her from new- been sat, oiled ever since. New Benelli butt pad this year - other disintegrated in the safe (known fault) - £75 itself. Been hanging onto her thinking “one day” but happy shooting rifles. All original bits included - hard...
  3. Hello! New guy here from the USA

    Hi, I am a gun enthusiast (Americans love guns) and enjoy learning about historical firearms. I have a relatively large collection of various rifles and pistols. My parents never allowed me to have toy guns as a child so my collection started with my first purchase at the age of 18. I am...
  4. Wanted: Benelli Sling Ring for Super Black Eagle 2 28mm not 33mm

    Hi I am looking for a Benelli Sling Ring for a Super Black Eagle 2 in 28mm not 33mm so ultimately the 33mm shown is available to sell or swap also.
  5. Wanted: Hard case for Benelli M2

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has for sale a hard/technopolymer case for my Benelli M2 Comfortech 2+1 Black 12G? (Will need it shipped to Southern Ireland). Thanks and regards, GR.
  6. Swap: benelli m2 24” barrel swap for my 28”

    Benelli m2 28” barrel, used but still decent condition, looking to swap with someone with a 24” or even 26”

    I have for sale my Benelli M2 comfortech 3 shot 28inch barrel. Very good condition. Hasn’t done much work, was bit of a spur of the moment buy but doesn’t get used now. Comes in hard case Additional chokes Slightly longer recoil pad which cost £80 £900
  8. Sold: Benelli Extended Pad

    Benelli adapter pad, its the extended right hand version. Used once then i sold the M2 as the barrel felt too long. £80 (reduced)
  9. help.... in the borders

    hello sorry to be a pain... but just got a phone call and asked to go shooting first thing and have no ammo...... does any one have any 12g shot gun cartridges i could buy arround the jedburgh area before the morning?