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  1. Bisley 22nd August

    Took my re-fitted Kongsberg M59 F1 to 600 at Bisley yesterday - Amazing accuracy out of this old bit of kit! Anyone have any experience with these Norwegian rifles? its my first target rifle - it was a factory original UK import, hence the serial suffix GB#####
  2. Hi

    good morning i have just joined up after many years of shooting, since i was knee high to a grass hopper i have been out on the land all over east sussex with over 10,000 acres to shoot over , i look after the farms along the south downs and inland on deer managment, all this as well as running...
  3. First range day for a stalker - please help

    My FAC for all of my rifles was granted for stalking or vermin control with no mention of ranges or target shooting. I had assumed that I couldn't use my 0.308 (or my rimfires) on a range as a result of this but I have recently read the Home Office guidelines to discover that FAC holders can...
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