Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: 7 SAUM, Borden Alpine, Kreiger barrel

    Selling my much loved first custom rifle. Borden Alpine action, Tier-one 20moa pic rail. 25.5" Kreiger barrel, fluted, M18 thread, custom contour. Ceracoated black. Chambered by Dolphin Gun co. Jewel trigger. Surgeon bottom metal + 1 AI mag. McMillan A3-5 stock, pillar bedded. Flush cups on...
  2. New 300wm build.

    Looking for advice on parts for a new build of mine. Calibre is 300wm. I have decided on a 24" Proof Research carbon barrel. The rifle will be my long distance rig. Any thoughts on actions and also a lightweight adjustable stock...?
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