1. GGC96

    Boyds rifle stocks - import?

    Hi all, I’m after some advice from those well versed with imports from the US. I’m after a Boyds stock for my Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter. However, the UK price from the SGC is £300 ... I can get 2 at US prices for less .. so is there some way of getting around their export laws that inhibit...
  2. S

    For Sale: Ruger 22 Boyds Laminate Stock

    The thread is for the bottom of the two stocks, with the top one already sold. The stock shows signs of bedding where the receiver lies, but completely unmarked on the visible parts of the stock. Don bought this in May 2012 RUG-77/22-FT-SI-PL. Rimfire Thumbhole Ruger 77/22 Factory Barrel Stock...
  3. T

    Sold: Howa Short action Boyds thumbhole stock

    For sale a short action Boyds thumbhole laminate stock for Howa or Weatherby vanguard , has a varmint profile but I have used it for the sporter so can be used in either, in perfect condition looking for £150.00 posted . See here for photos ...