1. J

    Wanted: Stalking Opportunities in Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Buckinghamshire

    Recently moved from Devon to Oxfordshire (I'm just North of Reading and West of Henley) and keen to find deer stalking opportunities. I have DSC1, am an NRA club instructor and an ex-regular infantry officer (so qualified to plan and conduct field firing!). My .275 Rigby and .243 win are...
  2. J

    Wanted: stalking: Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire

    Hi there i am interested in hearing from anyone that can offer staking opportunities in the Bucks/Beds area (and slightly beyond). I live between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard and am relatively new to stalking. FAC application is in, but no rifle yet. Been out a few times with friends and...
  3. Evillemon

    Wanted: Deer stalking syndicate or land to rent within Hertfordshire ?

    Well the search for new permission never ends... at the minute i have only one very small piece of land with a few muntjacs, its too small too shoot more than 2 - 3 a year. I am always trying to find new lands / woods to shoot. If anyone happens to know of any farmers , land owers or stalking...