1. Sold: Tikka T3 .223 Barrelled action - Good condition overall £295 ready for drop-in

    A Tikka T3 barrelled action in .223Rem. 16" barrel 1 in 12 twist Perfect crown and 14 x 1 thread Lots of life in the barrel, no issues there. Full bluing Clean Original black bolt shroud not one in photo. Two bolt handles Trigger kit fitted 1.5 - 2lbs adjustable No issues, functional...
  2. Sako 75 donor action - .223 Rem

    Hi all, I've just sold my .17 HMR and have decided to build a foxing/plinking setup with a bit more grunt in .223 Rem. This will be my first build so these are probably some quite basic questions despite quite a bit of research. Initially, I looked at Remingtons as a base to build on but I've...