1. Current carcass prices per kg?

    Can anyone advise the current prices game dealers pay for venison?
  2. East Hampshire Butcher

    Just seen the thread on Northumberland Butcher and thought doh!.... I've been looking for one for ages, why did you not post here dummy...... :rolleyes: I Am East Hampshire, looking for a friendly butcher between Sussex and East Hampshire. Any and all suggestions welcome, (Constructive that is...
  3. Professional Burger Machine....SWAP?

    Hey all, Surplus to requirement I have this cracking & under-used commercial Burger machine. Uses 100mm burger papers (or plastics) and is adjustable to produce different weight burgers. What have you got too swap?...anything you don’t use that I might? Trigger sticks/quad sticks...
  4. Available: Practical Deer butchery day - Oxfordshire

    Practical Deer butchery day A hands-on day designed to give participants the knowledge and practical experience to butcher their own deer at home. Saturday 11th June, near Wantage Oxfordshire The aim of the day is to equip students with basic knowledge and butchery skills to prepare deer...
  5. Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

    Hi, I'm a novice stalker hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm going on a guided Muntjac and CWD stalk in March and want to bring back the carcass for the freezer. I live near Chester and wondered if anyone knew any butchers in the area who would take and prepare a carcass for me? Cheers, John
  6. Selling venision to a butcher

    I have been asked by a butcher to supply him with a few deer carcases to sell onto the public in the form of roasting joints and mince. I live in Northern Ireland and have completed the DSC Level 1 course in 2008 which covered Large Game Meat hygiene. The butcher does not have a game dealer...