1. East Hampshire Butcher

    Just seen the thread on Northumberland Butcher and thought doh!.... I've been looking for one for ages, why did you not post here dummy...... :rolleyes: I Am East Hampshire, looking for a friendly butcher between Sussex and East Hampshire. Any and all suggestions welcome, (Constructive that is...
  2. Fallow and Roe Stalker

    I have been shooting for around 40 years, deer stalking for only 5. I have DSC levels 1 & 2. Mostly shoot in Devon and Cornwall for fallow and Roe. My favourite calibre is my sabatti 6.5 x 55 but I also shoot my sako 85. 243
  3. Butchering your Deer: Excellent training by Buckbones.

    Ok so your stalk went well. A clean kill and an easy grallock. Its time to break the carcass down into convenient and recognisable joints. But knowing the best way to do it means you dont have to call in favours, try to befriend a 'tame' butcher or make a total **** of the process. I spent a day...
  4. My First Muntjac

    After several encounters with these mini rockets in the woods and always being too slow to get onto them I finally managed to get my first muntjac this afternoon thanks to EMcC's eagle eyes. :) Eddy spotted her moving through the wood and by the time I had back tracked to where he was standing...