cape buffalo

  1. Available: Mozambique Buffalo Special 2023.

    ''Buffalo Hunt Special'' Website: -Area: Luabo. -Hunting Season: 1 of May until November 30. -Main Airport: Johannesburg. (Flight from JNB to Maputo 1 Hour) -Internal Airport: From Maputo to Quelimane airport (1 Hour y 45 min flight). -Ground Transportation from Quelimane...
  2. Available: Buffalos all over Africa!!

    Specialize in Africa hunts, we have our own concessions in Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Kimberly, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Congo. Website: buffa
  3. it started with lizard tails....

    The great cull started with a handmade catapult. I was a 6 year-old-boy and lizard tails were the target. Forgive me. Like you, sniper school soon started with my first .22 BSA air rifle. I slept with her every night. That said, I despised sleep. It ate into hunting time. Born in Zambia...
  4. Cape Buffalo Hunt

    A short film from my Buffalo hunt from this April