carcass handling

  1. Fridge for red carcasse: Advice

    Looking at getting something like this for putting a red or two in. Plan would be to let them hang for a couple of days in a fly bag in the garage run a fan on them then break up into a couple of pieces and then chill in the fridge. Internal dimensions are 1680x657x581 Runs 2-5° Just...
  2. Carcass Tray Mesh

    I have a couple Mortar / Builders Mixing buckets that works well for vehicle extractions of beasts but am looking at what best to use for mesh to seperate the carcass from the blood in the tray? What do you guys use? What can you recommend? Been suggested a few things but thought I would open it...
  3. Deer Butchery Course

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a deer butchery course in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Hertfordshire? Thanks Tom
  4. Hoist/Winch or carcass carrying alternatives.

    Hi all, I’m looking for some help regarding the above. I shot two fairly large Fallow bucks the other day, (53kg and 75kg gralloched, head and feet removed), and despite having shot a few large beasts before, for the first time I found myself having a bit of grief getting them into the back of...