Fridge for red carcasse: Advice


Looking at getting something like this for putting a red or two in. Plan would be to let them hang for a couple of days in a fly bag in the garage run a fan on them then break up into a couple of pieces and then chill in the fridge.

Internal dimensions are 1680x657x581
Runs 2-5°

Just wondering if I’d run into any humidity problems or anything else I should look out for, cheers.


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Preloved / free cycle/gumtree all good.
Try to get a commercial one as they are generally bigger and have digital controls - mine is a gram fridge from a chicken shop in Aylesbury and cost £90 and will take 2 smaller deer or 1 mid/large size one.
Controls are down to 0.1C so won’t freeze but will get darn close.
With two cwd inside that have been just shot it will hit desired temp in a couple of hours from ambient.
If you can get hold of a newsagent type Coca Cola fridge you’ll get a Red into it. Getting the carcass in and out could cause you a serious injury if you’re not careful however.