1. Fridge for red carcasse: Advice

    Looking at getting something like this for putting a red or two in. Plan would be to let them hang for a couple of days in a fly bag in the garage run a fan on them then break up into a couple of pieces and then chill in the fridge. Internal dimensions are 1680x657x581 Runs 2-5° Just...
  2. Anyone hanging red deer in a domestic/Drinks fridge

    Looking at the prices of fridge van backs and walk in chillers considering just buying a big commercial fridge or a three in one chest freezer/fridge/chiller combo. Wondering if anyone has done the same and if there is any downside to having a carcass laid horizontally to vertically. TIA
  3. Upgrading game storage

    Good evening I need to upgrade from my converted larder fridges to a "proper" chiller / game fridge as need more space and storage between game dealer pick ups. Needs to accommodate fallow. Any recommendations on the Coolgame kit or Huntsman game larder from angel refrigeration or similar...
  4. Anyone SQWV Quality Assured?

    Application sent away Friday for QA, just need to get a couple bits done in the larder. How did you get round the chiller temp records requirement?