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  1. For Sale: 10 Bore cartridge x 50

    collection only near Brighton, East Sussex - 30 x 2 5/8'' 1 & 1/2 oz 10bore nitro cartidges in number 6 lead - 20 x 2 5/8'' 1 & 1/4oz 10bore black powder cartridges in number 6 lead Job lot collected £80.00
  2. Shotgun Cartridges, Colour Coding

    My name is Tiffany Lees and I am a student studying BA (Hons) Business Management. As part of my final year dissertation project, I am investigating whether the procedure of colour coding shotgun cartridge cases, should be reintroduced as standard industry practice to promote user safety, or...
  3. Cartridges/Ammo in Resin

    Evening all, I'm trying to find out how to set shotgun cartridges and ammunition (inert of course!) in resin. You've probably seen then at some point with the fired cartridge and pellets set out above it. Used as paperweights. As of yet, hours of trawling the web has produced nothing as to the...
  4. Hi

    good morning i have just joined up after many years of shooting, since i was knee high to a grass hopper i have been out on the land all over east sussex with over 10,000 acres to shoot over , i look after the farms along the south downs and inland on deer managment, all this as well as running...
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