cast antlers

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  1. Cast antlers

    I apologise for this not technically being taxidermy or trophy preparation, but these are all trophy's in my eyes. These are from one stag over the last 5 years, the stag has now gone back and is only 12 points this year and so I hope to pull the trigger on him soon. Do many people find cast...
  2. Bulk of Antlers wanted

    Hi all, A little off topic and in the wrong thread (can't post in 'wanted' yet as not done 30 posts yet sorry..), I'm looking for a large bulk of antlers only looking for the larger species. All shapes, colours and sizes welcome, unless they're only a few inches long... Not bothered if they're...
  3. Cast Antlers

    Hi all. starting a new post on antler and skull finds out in the field please Post pictures of you cast antlers and skulls you've FOUND NOT SHOT.Look forward to any of your finds. Here's a few of my finds...
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