cz 550

  1. Dave88

    Sold: Cz 550 .22-250

    Selling to make space for a new rifle. This rifle is in good condition, it has a small mark from where the moderator has been and some small scratches on the stock from general use but other than that this is a very tidy rifle that has had little use considering its age. CZ 550 .22-250. CZ...
  2. L

    Advice, what would you buy out of these 22-250's

    Hi everyone. Im looking for some advise. Im about to buy my first foxing rifle in 22-250, i haven t got a huge budget (around £600 max) with the possibility to add a sound mod at a later date and iv got a scope that will do the job. Iv been looking at 3 possibilitys at my local shop...