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  1. Sold: Contessa CZ452 / CZ455 Picatinny Rail

    Contessa CZ452 Picatinny Rail Will also fit the CZ455, however the ejector port opening is slightly longer than that of the rifle. 0 MOA Made from hardened steel. Mounted once but not used - very good condition. £40 (incl. p&p)
  2. Dedicated CZ 455 Rail?

    I recently fitted a Contessa rail to my 455. It fits and it appears to work just fine, however it’s a 452/455 compatible model that has an extended ejector port opening to suit the 452 that basically doesn’t ‘fit’ with the reduced geometry of the 455 model. It’s purely cosmetic, but it grinds...
  3. Sold: .17HMR CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate

    CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate in very, very good condition that comes with the following: 1 x Hawke 3-9x40 P/A scope 1 x Moderator 1 x 5 rd mag 1 x 10 rd mag 1 x Rifle slip 300 rounds of A Max (almost certainly have a box or 2 of Federal as well) 1 x Cleaning rod and a couple of attachments. I am...
  4. CZ455 queries

    Evening all, am new to rimfire and considering buying a CZ455 for Vermin Control (.22"LR barrel for subsonic & .17HMR barrel for extended range -have both on my FAC), but have a few queries... * Do both .22LR and .17HMR actions fit the same stock inletting, I've heard the CZ452 inletting is...
  5. For Sale: CZ 455 .17 HMR Thumbhole Varmint

    Like new condition, no knocks, dents scratches etc on gun, barely had any use (maximum 100 rounds used) 16" barrel with thread protector and there is a Wildcat Panther moderator available to go with it for an additional cost. Also have 3 full boxes of .17 HMR ammo to go with it. Scope and...
  6. CZ 455 Barrel change

    Morning all, I have a .22 CZ 455 and have read on the CZ website and elsewhere that the barrels are easy to change to another Rimfire calibre. I would like to get a .17 HMR barrel as well. has anyone else tried this please? Are barrels easy to get hold of? Kind regards Steve
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