1. Sold: .308 whidden dies

    Bought a rifle and these came with it, I don't need them. Googled them and they are $279 new so I guess £150 posted is fair. They look unused/lightly used but I have no clue.
  2. Sold: Pacific Durachrome 8mm Mau FL Sizing F & Seating F DIes

    Boxed set of 8mm MAU Dies FL Sizing Die F Seating Die F Comes with (bent) decapping pin and Allen key to lock off adjustable rings Used but in good shape £15 collected Herts or £20 posted D
  3. For Sale: Lee 6.5 x 55 Dies

    Used Lee 6.5x55 (85/86) sizing die and seating die with some surface rust although I would not expect it to cause any issues I have rubbed the die heads with a little bit of scotchbrite to check the text and they came up shiny so I would suggest either just lubing or cleaning with scochbrite...
  4. Expensive dies - worth it?

    I have some basic Lee full length sizing and seating dies in .308 Winchester. If I upgraded to a more expensive set of dies could I expect to see any difference in the quality of the ammunition I produce, and therefore group sizes? If the answer is 'yes' what dies would people recommend? TIA
  5. Sold: Redding 300 win mag die set

    Brand new never used 300win mag die set with shell holder. £100 Ono posted
  6. For Sale: Hornady 338 Lapua Magnum dies

    Hornady Custom grade 2 die full length set for 338 lapua magnum. Brand new in box. I bought these but never used them. Looking for £75. Happy to post (£5) or collection in Lincs.
  7. Sold: 22-250 & 30-06 Redding Dies

    UPDATE - BOTH SOLD Thanks gents 👍🏼
  8. Cleaning New Dies Before Use

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before, I have just purchased a set of reloading gear, and the Hornady dies I have bought recommend that they are cleaned before use to remove the anti rust coatings put on at the factory. This seems logical, but I don't fancy buying the recommended...