1. For Sale: Various dies

    Private sale Various dies for sale - prices include postage - 1 x used .223 seating die, 1 x used .222 sizing die and 1 x new .222 quick trim die: £20 the lot - 1 x .30-06 rcbs seating die, 1 x .30-06 rcbs full length seating die, 1 x lee seating die .30-06, 1 x lee resizing die with missing...
  2. Sold: RCBS 22-250 die set

    Excellent condition. Decapping / FL resizer and bullet seating dies. £30 inc delivery UK mainland.
  3. Sold: .223 dies

    I'm looking for some .223 Rem reloading dies. Ideally RCBS or Redding. Looking for sizer, neck and seater ideally. Please PM me if you have something that may suite. Thanks, Rupert
  4. Sold: Hornady Lock N Load Progressive AP press, Dies & Manuals - As New

    For sale my Hornady Lock N Load progressive AP 5 stage press including all accessories for this model (powder thrower, collection tub, primer feed/collection) I am selling this a a complete package. This was given to me as a gift a few years ago. However, I have only ever assembled the unit and...
  5. Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

    As title, I have a set of 2 Lee dies for .243 Win which I'd like to swap for .223 Rem if anyone has any. These dies are not new, but are in good condition. I have not used them, but they appear to be good. No box though. If interested please PM me. If you have some .223 dies but don't wish to...
  6. Wanted: .222 dies

    As above - does anyone have a set of 222 dies for sale? Many thanks - Oager
  7. Sold: .243 lee loader die set - new

    For Sale - Brand New in Box - Opened for Photos only. "Lee Loader is a complete reloading system, kit includes everything needed to reload 243 Win. except a rubber mallet." £26-00 Includes UK Mainland Postage Bank Transfer preferred.
  8. Cleaning New Dies Before Use

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before, I have just purchased a set of reloading gear, and the Hornady dies I have bought recommend that they are cleaned before use to remove the anti rust coatings put on at the factory. This seems logical, but I don't fancy buying the recommended...
  9. For Sale: 7mm08 Lyman and 243 RCBS dies

    Lyman 7mm08 full length and seating dies. Used but in good usable condition. In RCBS box. RCBS .243WIN full length and seater dies. Again used but in good usable condition. Again in RCBS box. £30 per set posted