1. dmouland

    Sold: Photon RT nv scope and Burris XTR mounts with inserts

    Photon RT Nightvision digital scope. 6 x 50 model with onboard recording and magnification of 6 x and 12 x. Comes with original box and booklet, great working condition. Comes with Burris XTR mounts and inserts (Allows additional elevation if required) . They come as a set, not splitting...
  2. A J

    For Sale: Ward D800L Digital Night Vision

    Ward D800L digital night vision unit. Used very successfully for one night, but I now require a dedicated thermal setup, so I need the funds. :???: The D800 is as good as digital units get and one of the most versatile night vision units on the market. Ward D800L (with mains charging unit and...