dsc 2

  1. DSC 2 When will I get the call from assesor

    Went out on a successful stalk on January the 1st did everything correct, authorized whiteness was really happy, even said I could join his syndicate we both sent all the information about the stalk to the assessor on the 5th of January........so far a haven't heard anything, does it normally...
  2. DSC 2 providers Inverness area

    I will be moving to Inverness soon and I hope to get my DSC 2 completed. Does anyone have any contacts in the Highlands area that could provide this? thanks in advance
  3. What are the benefits of having DSC 2 ?

    What are the benefits of having DSC 2 ? I`ve got DSC 1 and considering DSC 2 but the only benefits I can see so far is the possibility of stalking on Forestry Commission land ,it looks like by the end of the day there will be no change out of a grand.