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  1. Moderator importer

    Hi all, I have been looking at Freyr & Devik moderators in Norway (same people who make the new Sauer Titanium Pro but with more choice of threads and calibres). Having e-mailed them, they are happy to send a mod for me but obviously to a registered firearm importer in the UK (not any standard...
  2. Paperwork - Heathrow to Namibia - EU regulations

    Can any of you globetrotting hunters please give me advice. I’m travelling to Namibia – SAA - Heathrow to Windhoek, via Jo’burg, and back again - and I plan to take a rifle, ammunition, FAC and an invitation from Namibia, plus my EU firearms pass just in case. A friend of mine who lives in...
  3. Pedigrees of Hanoverians needed

    I am trying to get the breed registered and recognised by the Kennel Club. This will enable breeders in this country to obtain papers for their pups if these are born from parents with export pedigrees. Contrary to what you hear the Kennel Club is most helpfull. They have send a long...
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