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Hi all,

I have been looking at Freyr & Devik moderators in Norway (same people who make the new Sauer Titanium Pro but with more choice of threads and calibres). Having e-mailed them, they are happy to send a mod for me but obviously to a registered firearm importer in the UK (not any standard RFD). Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd need to get it proofed too but I'm happy to do that via an RFD.

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Why can’t they send it to you direct?

If you have a vacant slot on your FAC then you don’t need any further import documentation.


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As Orion this should be simple copy your cert with the authorisation this then goes with the import docs to you via courier, Atb wayne


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Could you please PM me with your email address so that I can then contact you re: import license download. I have been trying to contact you already but it appears that I do not have enough 'posts' to PM you. Not sure how I was able to do it before then! Thanks, K.
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