1. East Coast Stalker

    For Sale: Wildcat Predator 8 308. Mod 18x1

    Wildcat Predator 8 308. Mod 18x1 Good condition and seen little use. Not had over 100 rounds through it as used on rifle for zeroing then being out in the field. Got it new last year and its now not getting any use. It has a couple of small paint marks but nothing major. Tried to show everything...
  2. dmouland

    Sold: New Issc Spa .17hmr with scope and mod £300

    Ex- demo i.e. new (unfired) ISSC SPA .17hmr Austrian made straight pull New hawke scope New SAK moderator Excellent condition £300.00 Rfd to rfd charge is £25.00 if applicable
  3. dmouland

    For Sale: Anschutz Semi-auto .22lr with scope and moderator £150.00

    As above, good condition with two magazines. £150.00 Plus rfd to rfd of £25.00 if applicable
  4. dmouland

    For Sale: Brand new Stalon W110 Moderator M14 X 1 cheap £145.00

    SALE Brand new and unused with box M14 x 1 thread Proofed for use with: .222, 223, 22-250, 243. bargain at £145.00 (rrp £270) One off offer Add £15 for RFD to RFD charge. Excellent quality moderators Brand new item, no issues.
  5. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi all, I have an empty 308 slot I fancy filling with one of the following, .Howa Varmint barrel in Berzerk stock .Mannlicher Steyr Cl, Sl,or stutzen .Sako 75 As you can see I’m a man of wide tastes...long range foxing weapon, or classy stalking to suggestions It will be a...
  6. paulbshooting

    300 win mag lighter moderator

    Any 300 win mag users recommend a lightweight moderator? Currently got and use an ASE SL7i, which is great but 602 grams on the end of a long barrel effects the balance. Tried all sorts of rifle slings including back pack twin sling, but with the mod the rifle wants to keep pivoting. For my...
  7. MikeZZZ

    Is anyone aware of current difficulties taking moderators to South Africa?

    I've just heard from a fellow hunter going to South Africa in May that he has been told that hunters currently arriving at J-berg airport with a moderator on their rifle are experiencing difficulties getting approval to take them through customs (April 2018). I've seen and heard nothing on this...
  8. Baggy

    Sold: MAE/PES Large Muzzle Can Moderator up to .25 1/2x20 UNF

    Selling as it's surplus to requirements. Will accommodate up to .25 calibre rifles so that includes .243 and .22. Heard they're very effective on the .22-250. Threaded 1/2x20 UNF. It's the matt black finish. Had roughly 200 shots through it, couple of small marks, always taken stalking with tape...
  9. D

    For Sale: Steyr SSG04 .308 with Moderator

    Any interest in a Steyr SSG04 in .308? Varmint Barrel 10 shot mag Moderator plus cover (cant for the life of me remember the moderator name offhand - will get all the details tomorrow, but it wasn't cheap!) In excellent condition, wee bit of wear where the moderator has been added and removed...
  10. Z

    Moderator importer

    Hi all, I have been looking at Freyr & Devik moderators in Norway (same people who make the new Sauer Titanium Pro but with more choice of threads and calibres). Having e-mailed them, they are happy to send a mod for me but obviously to a registered firearm importer in the UK (not any standard...
  11. F

    Oceania Defence SLS 3D Laser printed Moderators - .30cal 'Alpine Hunter' impressions

    I own a few moderators including one of the Original Quicksilver Titanium mods in .223 from when they were still being licensed in the UK and for the most part they all do a pretty reasonable job in terms of sound reduction. I've never been super happy with what any of them do for rifle balance...
  12. Virbius

    For Sale: LEI moderator to suit .17HMR

    Hi, I'm selling my LEI moderator suitable for .17HMR. It is currently fitted to my Sako Quad Varmint which is also for sale on this site. It fits very well on the varmint barrel, and is 1/2"UNF x20 thread. It is in excellent condition. £100, any questions please ask.
  13. OISÍN

    For Sale: Atec Maxim moderators

    I have 3 Atec Maxtim Titan moderators for sale in 223 - 243 & 308 extra baffles on 243 & 308 asking £150 each Plus post & RFD if required, with less than 20 shots through each, used to zero only then removed from my Blader R8 complete with boxes will send to RFD at your cost or F2F with open slot.
  14. M

    Moderator Advice

    Looking for some advice. I bought a few years ago a tikka t3 .243 with an ASE, jetz mod stamped .30....but also has had 25-06 and .243 proof stamps. I have had my variation approved for a .30-06 and have ordered a tikka t3x hunter screw cut, assuming the moderator screws on with no trouble...
  15. F

    .17 Hornet Moderator

    Evening looking for Any advice/opinions on a moderator for a .17 Hornet. Just brought a CZ 527. Thanks
  16. nicowilson

    Pitting on brand new DPT moderator

    Earlier this week a friend helped me zero a brand new Tikka T3x in .308 Win. On the end of the barrel was a new DPT moderator. I fired 57 shots. I took the mod off, followed the manufacturer's instructions and cleaned it in warm soapy water. There is some slight pitting on each of the sections...
  17. Lukesterz

    .308 Moderator opinions

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a Steyr SBS Tactical as a stalking rifle and I am in the process of getting the barrel threaded for a moderator. The rifle was purchased quite cheaply and I am planning to put on a Schmidt and Bender 8x56 scope. So far I have narrowed moderator choice down to...
  18. paulbshooting

    ATEC CMM-4 ALU Moderator 30 Cal

    ATEC CMM-4 aluminium lightweight moderator for sale .30 calibre (off my Sako A7 in 308, also for sale, see other post) M14 x 1 threaded Great performing and lightweight mod (buying another with different thread for other rifle) Owned from new and boxed, see all photos £150 ONO via private...
  19. T

    A-Tec Wave sound moderator - silencer

    Has anyone tried out the new A-Tec Wave rimfire moderator. They seem well priced and A-Tec have a great factory set up. Having several mods I'm always keen to see how new models are behaving? Regards
  20. A

    For Sale: T8 Moderator 5/8x18 UNF

    Hi As the title says one T8 Moderator 5/8x18 UN, this is in a good used condition and being sold due to being surplus to requirements as it came with a 6.5x47 rifle i recently bought. The moderator has been cerakoted in a matt black finish. £90 collected, can drop off in the SE within reason...