1. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi, are you sorted yet? I have a Sako 85 synthetic stainless that's not seeing much daylight.
  2. paulbshooting

    300 win mag lighter moderator

    Thanks for all the ideas and comments. Any Lawrence precision Titan owners out there on their 300WM? Any comments welcome by return or message if you prefer. Thanks
  3. D

    For Sale: Steyr SSG04 .308 with Moderator

  4. Z

    Moderator importer

  5. Virbius

    For Sale: LEI moderator to suit .17HMR

  6. OISÍN

    For Sale: Atec Maxim moderators

  7. M

    Moderator Advice

  8. F

    .17 Hornet Moderator

  9. Lukesterz

    .308 Moderator opinions