1. Lever action threading for mod

    Hi all, looking at getting a 30-30 lever action for stalking, but keep coming up against the issue of not many of them are threaded for a sound moderator. I need a mod on the land I shoot, so it’s a non negotiable. I am looking at either a Winchester 1984 or Mossberg 464 lever action in 30-30...
  2. Sold: Tikka T3X roughtech rifle .308win with extras cheap

    Tikka T3X roughtec .308win rifle Good condition, sub 300 rounds. Can send bore scope pics if required. - 20" threaded blued fluted barrel with 1 in 11 twist. Threaded 5/8 UNEF. - Leupold QR bases and 30mm blued high rings. -Fluted bolt. -Aftermarket Sterk bolt handle. -Stock is synthetic, is...
  3. Sold: New Custom Tikka T3 .223Rem £795

    A used Stainless Tikka T3 action with a new and recently fitted/proofed 22" stainless heavy profile Sassen 1 in 8 twist barrel. Threaded 18 x 1. Had proofing loads plus 60 rounds, a brand new unit. Originally done by Edinburgh Rifles. So this is a barreled action including trigger unit with...
  4. Tikka T3x Tac A1 End of Barrel Moderators?

    As per title, looking for a decent end of barrel (not reflex over barrel) moderator.. Struggling to find many threaded in 5/8” x 24 UNEF. I’ve a nice Ase Utra CQB on my .204, and although too small and threaded in 18x1, I can’t find anything other than really expensive Wildcat options in .223...
  5. For Sale: Ase Ultra Jet Z .30 14x1mm Moderator

    As the title suggests I have an Ase Ultra Jet Z 14x1mm thread in .30cal moderator surplus to requirements. £140ono collected from Colchester
  6. For Sale: Wildcat Moderator

    Wildcat 6mm 18x1” moderator. Used and has signs of wear but works as it should. No longer needed as sold rifle without mod. £150 Must have valid slot on FAC Collected Cambridge/Newmarket
  7. Sold: Nielson Sonic 35 Sound Moderator 1/2 UNF .224 Centrefire S/H

    S/H A used Nielson Sonic 35 Sound moderator in 1/2" x 20 (1/2 UNF) thread in .224 centrefire Proofed for .223Rem. Over-barrel moderator. £67 including transfer to your local dealer.
  8. Sold: Bolt Action .223Rem/ .243 Rifle

    Fabarm Take-Down Rifle Model: IRIS Made: Italy Comes with: *2 x barrels ( both blued cold forged German 16" 1/2UNF threaded - 223Rem " under 100 shots" and .243win "unfired") *2 x bolts (Min cal for 223 and medium cal for 243 etc) *2 x magazines (243Win and 223Rem) *Picatinny Rail *Carry case *...
  9. Are wildcat selling parts again

    Saw a thread on FB, that suggests wildcat moderators have gone back to selling individual parts again ( with a price hike) and aligns with the idea of them being modular. Anyone else seen similar or can confirm this?
  10. Sold: MAE Mod T Series - .22 Centrefire - off my Bradley Arms .223

    Hi, I have a MAE T Series Extreme Bushless .22 Centre Moderator in Black available for sale. It came with my Bradley Arms .223 but it's hardly been used. I've put around 100 rounds through it. RFD informed me of make and model and believe the thread size to be 1/2" x 28 UNEF. RRP at £309.00...
  11. For Sale: Borders Barrels MYM Stainless Sound Moderator 1/2UNF

    MYM Stainless Sound Moderator Sold by Borders Barrels I believe it is the same as a T8 but in stainless steel. Very effective moderator, equally effective as a bludgeoning tool. £90
  12. Sold: Wildcat Evo Bridge 1/2 UNF £35.50

    As above Used bridge for a Wildcat Evolution Moderator in 1/2 UNF thread. Clean, tested and functional. WAS £48.50 posted. Now £35.50 posted
  13. Moderator for woodland stalking

    This is my rifle with mod. As you can see, it is very long. This has been fine for stalking on the hill, or sitting in a high seat, which is what most of my stalking has been until now. However, I recently got permission on some ground with a few acres of woodland and unsurprisingly, my mod hits...
  14. Sold: 1/2 UNF Wildcat Evolution Bridge

    As above, looking for a 1/2 unf bridge for a Wildcat Evolution Please sent a PM Thanks
  15. Sold: RWS Titan 3 .22-250

    Round count around 500 so plenty of life left yet, only selling as having a rifle built to replace this one, comes with 30mm Warne QD mount and moderator, more photos and borescope pictures available to anyone interested, I will cover postage to RFD, £700
  16. WILDCAT EVO - Any good?

    Looking for opinions on Wildcat EVO mod for .308
  17. Wanted: ASE Utra SL5 Cover:

    I had a little neoprene cover for my moderator which I’ve irritatingly lost. It was given to me a long time ago and have no idea what brand it was. Question: What do you recommend for a replacement to keep the heat haze and reflection down?
  18. Sold: Wildcat Evolution Moderator £50

    Wildcat Evolution Moderator 30 cal 5/8 UNF thread Seized bridge, few scratches to metal work but functional £50 £25 to send to local RFD
  19. Sold: Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator £100

    Wildcat Predator 8 Compact moderator 30 calibre suitable 14 x 1 thread Used but good working condition £100 Rfd sending £25
  20. Sold: 1/2 unf Wildcat Predator Bridge

    As above 1/2 UNF thread Bridge part that will fit either a Wildcat Predator 8 or 12 moderator. Well looked after and cleaned , not used for many rounds £40 posted