first rifle

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    Hi all

    Hi all, Ben here, I'm new to stalking and have just got my firearms ticket through so will be buying my first rifle soon. I have permission near Huddersfield and York, both very different permissions one is hilly ground with a good head of roe whereas the other is flat as a pancake with some...
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    First rifle

    Hi all, Going to be applying for my firearms. Already passed DSC1 and have recently been offered land on which I can shoot. Wanting to know what rifle to apply for as a good high seat rifle yet also a good stalking rifle, Majority of stalking will be in dense woodland so hopefully not one too...
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    Help buying first scope needed!!

    I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and...
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    First deer rifle. Calibre and set up?

    Hi all, Apologies for yet another newbie looking for advice on his first rifle but here are my requirements. I'm about to apply for my FAC so not a calibre that will scare the FAO. I have DSC1 and some ground to shoot over but not much rifle experience. Bisley is on my doorstep so intend to...