1. Sold: Gone huntin & fishin signs

    For sale are two signs carved from sycamore slab wood with marine varnish finish both approximately 21x9x1" thick, they are rustic finish think 80grit not glass smooth.Back is blank. £35 each with free delivery mid Cheshire or £40 Inc postage. More available soon with oil finish Inc Man cave...
  2. For Sale: Handmade Fly Boxes

    Made from Walnut, with a resin border inlay and brass hardware. Choose from either a black or white closed cell foam liner. Finished in a water resistant satin lacquer. 125mm x 90mm x 32mm. Limited quantity available. £50 (inc. postage)
  3. Yellow Fish South Africa Article interest

    Hi, Just a quick request for feedback; I have just returned from Africa and have experienced some amazing Yellow fish fishing in the Orange river. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in reading an article about it. I am just not sure if these fish are well enough to be of interest? J
  4. Isle of Lewis

    Evening all, I'm planning to go up to the Isle of Lewis in September/ October to go stalking for some red stags and fish for salmon and sea trout. Has anyone been stalking there? How did you find it? Cheers, Michael
  5. Thread: Filming Fieldsports - An invitation to you

    Hi Guys I am looking to make various online and other media field sport TV programs that reflect the "real countryside" and in particular, field sports. As someone who practices Deer Stalking, Fox Control, Bunny Bashing, Pigeon Control and various fishing techniques I am keen to make...
  6. Available: fishing and shooting charity lots

    Not sure if this is the right place but a mate has a couple of intersting lots for charity on fleabay Driven shooting in Leics for 4 £400 starting bid £400 and fishing on the River Dove £150 starting bid...
  7. Available: Cottages, Caravans and Fishing in North Yorkshire

    Caravan van pitches available at competitive rate (including water and electric): Each pitch includes electric hook-up and toilet facilities, fresh water, waste disposal and battery charging are provided for all guests. We welcome well-behaved dogs but these must be closely supervised on site...
  8. Gardening - Raised Beds

    Hi All, I have taken to clearing out 6 raised beds, that are full of solid soil and weeds in Amazonian quantities. So, after commencing operation slash and burn, I have finally got a seed bed in one of them. So 5 more to go. The problem I face now is that as I know naff all about gardening...
  9. Swap a hunt........anywhere