New Avon Arms
  1. Sold: 410 Hushpower Single barrel folding shotgun (full barrel silenced)

    A folding single barrel moderated 410 Full length moderated Fully folding Fully functional but is used with some scratched coating on the moderator. Make is RODACCIAI Price is £195 plus RFD to RFD (£25)
  2. For Sale: Folding High Seat Stand for Stalking

    Folding High Seat Stand for Stalking This is a high quality folding high seat and can be assembled in less than a minute. It is light weight and can easily be relocated to an effective position in minutes. 275cm tall, to platform. 325cm tall, to shooting rail. Weight: 18kgs. 26cm x 35cm steel...
  3. Folding knife

    Hi all, Knives are very subjective, I know, but what do we think is the best folding knife for stalking available under £70? No serration or gut hook required, just a bog standard blade of the right sort of profile, at least three inches long and which can stand up to a bit of abuse. If it...
BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod