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Knives are very subjective, I know, but what do we think is the best folding knife for stalking available under £70? No serration or gut hook required, just a bog standard blade of the right sort of profile, at least three inches long and which can stand up to a bit of abuse. If it could be opened with one hand, so much the better.

Incidentally, I was given an Andy Martland knife a couple of months ago which I have now had a chance to try out properly. It really is mega if anyone is looking to treat themselves.

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For stalking forget the folding idea and get a fixed Mora. Far easier to clean and keep hygienic.
Seeing as your question is about a FOLDING KNIFE and not a mora or any other fixed blade knife........

The buck alpha folder is very good indeed..... not sure if it's under 70 quid (missus bought me mine) but it's solid, sharp, opens and closes with one hand......and it is EASY TO CLEAN (for all the hygiene police out there)
Gerber gator. Good quality steel and a handle that doesn't get slippery when your hands are covered in cr*p.
I would go for a Spyderco Resilience, awesome knife brand. The Resilience is bang on your budget but if you fancy treating yourself look at the Paramilitary.
So, depending on your needs, the first thing that came into my head, like one of those word association tests when thinking of "folding knife" is "lost". I know that happens to me a little too often for comfort. With that in mind, I would go for something cheap but effective. Gerber fits the bill for me. They are useful, can be mostly operated by one hand, they will hold an edge as well or probably better than anything else in their price bracket (or more accurately can be given an edge) and there will not be too much wailing and gnashing of teeth if you do lose it. You'd probably get half a dozen or more for the price of your Andy Martland.

There are similar knives in the marketplace, but gerbers are everywhere for a reason. They may not be the "in" thing in knives, they won't be as good as your Andy Martland for sure, but they'll do a job well at the right price.
Opinal for me although you cant open it with one hand. Very cheap and exceptional steel. I admit the wooden handle might upset the hygenists.
I have two which I really like Buck 110 hunter with finger grooves and the Victronix hunter
i also bought a Kershaw in New York - cheapn, light and strong but only used twice so can't judge
Buck 110, sharpest knife I've ever used. I use a Mora for stalking but sometimes carry the buck as back-up, in case I mislay the Mora. You can get them for less than your budget if you shop around (I got mine from a shop called Knives and Tools).
Bench made mini gyptillion.

Best folder I have is a Colt Arthur Carter cryogenic, absolutely fantastic but v difficult to obtain.

Opinel. For the money nothing better in my opinion. And as said in earlier post really good steel.

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Lots of options that I have never heard and I will investigate thoroughly. I am very grateful. For those who like Moras, entirely agreed and I have several which I use normally, but annoyingly my summer kit means that all pockets are about an inch too short to stash a spare so this is one that will spend most time in the stalking smock in case I forget/lose my main knife.

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Dont bother with the Gerber Gator in my experience the blade steel is *****, holds an edge but not for very long, Buck 110 is excellent i have one, i also have an Eka Swingblade which i would also recommend.