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  1. Deermanagement

    For Sale: Tikka 30.06 M690 Continental

    Excellent condition with a very few rounds. Reload data available for 150g Ballistic Tip and 200g Partitions. The 150's produce close to 0.5 moa whilst the 200 are still within 1 moa. Rifle is original, 3 shot detachable magazine, heavy barrel, no modifications. 30mm Optilocks included that...
  2. Deermanagement

    For Sale: Tikka M590 .243 Win Continental

    Very good condition with a very nice stock. I have only reloaded with easy going rounds, data available for 70g Ballistic Tip, 95g Ballistic Tip and 100g Partitions. I have not checked for a number of years but it will still easily be sub moa with these rounds. Rifle is original, 5 shot...
  3. dmouland

    For Sale: List of Shotguns for sale

    Glad you're happy mate!
  4. dmouland

    For Sale: List of rifles for sale

    Many rifles still in stock
  5. xavierdoc

    Sold: Ruger No.1 in 45-70Govt.

  6. K

    Sold: Webber Q1200 5108007 GAS bbq

  7. dmouland

    Sold: Browning Xbolt 243 with extra's

  8. CarlW

    For Sale: Hodgdon H4350: 3 unopened tubs

  9. L

    Leeming valley lodge

  10. B

    Wanted: .243 rifle

  11. McKenzie

    Sold: Swarovski 1.7-10x42