fox hunting

  1. Whats the best Foxpro caller

    Hi all, What's the best fox caller? And which calls would you download onto it/use the most? I know certain calls suit better depending time of year etc... If anyone in the Aberdeenshire/alford area fancy foxing some night pm me. Thanks in advance Everyone
  2. For Sale: Nordik Predator Fox calls

    Three pack Everything the Fox hunter needs! • Crying Bird, Fox Heat, Mini Predator • Specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators • Simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof. • Produces a wide variety of sounds £52.50
  3. How many charlies seen and shot in one night??

    Went lamping on a bit of new groung last year and that night seen 24 foxes in 4 hours. It was jan kina time! i have never seen so many in one night! they were comeing in no prob atol with a squeek of the hand!There was sum old ones that are wize and bit wary! It has to be the best fun i have...