fox shooting

  1. Whats the best Foxpro caller

    Hi all, What's the best fox caller? And which calls would you download onto it/use the most? I know certain calls suit better depending time of year etc... If anyone in the Aberdeenshire/alford area fancy foxing some night pm me. Thanks in advance Everyone
  2. Wanted: Game & Stalking Syndicates West Mids

    Can anyone provide any info or point me in the right direction for both a Game Shooting Syndicate and a Stalking Syndicate in the West Midlands. Looking to join a shoot potentially with my girlfriend and looking for a Stalking Syndicate that isn’t over saturated and well managed.
  3. Sold: Smart Rest Quad - Rest Mark 1 - Awesome piece of kit for foxing or rabbiting from a Quad

    Smart Rest Quad - Rest Mark 1 This video tells it all. I have had this on my quad for four years, and it works like a dream. For sale because I have a detached retina in my shooting eye which forces retirement from amateur keeping / pest control Complete as purchased new, except there...
  4. .223 varmint recommendations

    Looking to purchase a .223 varmint for my foxing. I do a lot with my .243 Howa Varmint 1500 but want a backup rifle and move my .243 over to deer rifle. I shoot archer attached to Vortex. Thinking another Howa but maybe stainless. Remington 783. CZ or maybe push budget to Tikka T3. All varmint...
  5. Swarovski Z5

    Some advise please. I'm in the market for a Swarovski Z5 5-25 BT. I will mainly use this for daytime/dusk shooting where it will be very good but there will be occasions where I use this in the lamp for foxing. My question is if anyone has one - how have they found it in the lamp please? They...
  6. Foxing - Dusk till Dawn

    I haven't been out foxing for a good month or so, my first taster was yesterday afternoon where we went to see a farmer about a fox problem. This fox had been taking lambs regularly. He would often walk in the fields mid day around the farm with no worry or care about who was about. We arrived...