game hygiene

  1. Carcass Tray Mesh

    I have a couple Mortar / Builders Mixing buckets that works well for vehicle extractions of beasts but am looking at what best to use for mesh to seperate the carcass from the blood in the tray? What do you guys use? What can you recommend? Been suggested a few things but thought I would open it...
  2. Small Game Carcass Labels

    Having just passed the NGO's Game Hygiene Course, I now need now to equip myself with some carcass labels. NGO and BDS sell carcass labels for deer/large game, but not for small game. Google has thrown nothing up. Any suggestions as to where I can get some carcass labels for small game?
  3. NGO Game Meat Hygiene Course - 2 May 2015

    Is anyone from here going to tomorrow's course?