Small Game Carcass Labels


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Having just passed the NGO's Game Hygiene Course, I now need now to equip myself with some carcass labels. NGO and BDS sell carcass labels for deer/large game, but not for small game. Google has thrown nothing up.

Any suggestions as to where I can get some carcass labels for small game?


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As far as I am aware it only requires someone on the shoot to pass them fit for human consumption that is someone who has done the course, unlike large game it is only a visual examination.

AGHE may tag the trays but have never been asked by them to tag small game all they wanted was details of the qualified person.

If the AGHE require tags then they will supply them as they do,for large game.

I know BDS and others sell tags but in general the AGHEs want their own not anyone else's.


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Agreed. I see where you are coming from now.

We're not intending to supply an AGHE. We want to give surplus birds to the pub where we eat our shoot breakfast. The pub doesn't supply carcass labels so we need our own.

It may be easiest to just plagiarise the label in the Wild Game Guide and print my own!