1. Available: BASC Carcass & Butchery courses

    Upcoming Events Carcass & Butchery - Longparish, Hampshire 09/11/2023 All Day Carcass & Butchery Longparish Village Hall, Hampshire Carcass & Butchery - Tignabruach Lodge, Talladh-a-Bheithe Estate, Perthshire 14/11/2023 All Day Carcass & Butchery Talladh-a-Bheithe Estate, Rannoch by Pitlochry...
  2. Carcass Tray Mesh

    I have a couple Mortar / Builders Mixing buckets that works well for vehicle extractions of beasts but am looking at what best to use for mesh to seperate the carcass from the blood in the tray? What do you guys use? What can you recommend? Been suggested a few things but thought I would open it...
  3. Wanted - deer carcass South Wales - Port Talbot

    Hi all, I’m a hobby stalker and normally get enough venison to keep me and my familiar in red meat throughout the year. I find myself however running extremely low on meat now due to covid restrictions :( only a few tubes of mince and a couple bone in joints :( anyone in the area still shooting...
  4. First time shooting boar - carcass handling vs deer?

    Hi all, Tonight I'm going out on boar for my first outing as they're out in numbers on a friends farm. I've not shot boar in the past so wanted to know the differences between boar and deer in the way you treat the carcasses. I've heard of people washing down the outside of the animal before...
  5. Carcass Butchery Price

    Hello Everyone, what is the price range for having a roe carcass butchered? Assuming I'd like some pork fat and spice added to the sausages and also that there will be steaks and roasts cut, no burgers. All would be vac packed.
  6. Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

    Hi, I'm a novice stalker hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm going on a guided Muntjac and CWD stalk in March and want to bring back the carcass for the freezer. I live near Chester and wondered if anyone knew any butchers in the area who would take and prepare a carcass for me? Cheers, John
  7. Small Game Carcass Labels

    Having just passed the NGO's Game Hygiene Course, I now need now to equip myself with some carcass labels. NGO and BDS sell carcass labels for deer/large game, but not for small game. Google has thrown nothing up. Any suggestions as to where I can get some carcass labels for small game?
  8. Butchering your Deer: Excellent training by Buckbones.

    Ok so your stalk went well. A clean kill and an easy grallock. Its time to break the carcass down into convenient and recognisable joints. But knowing the best way to do it means you dont have to call in favours, try to befriend a 'tame' butcher or make a total **** of the process. I spent a day...