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John Blaser

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Hello Everyone, what is the price range for having a roe carcass butchered? Assuming I'd like some pork fat and spice added to the sausages and also that there will be steaks and roasts cut, no burgers. All would be vac packed.


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I would make it clear what you are looking for. For instance the hunch broken down into its muscle groups then into as meany steaks as possible & the shoulders and any trim for the sausages.


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My chiller went down a couple of weeks ago overnight with a 45kg fallow buck in it, I took it in to my local butcher (skinned) the following morning and he charged me £30 to butcher and bag it into various cuts including mincing both shoulders and the trimmings which I thought was really good. I gave him £50 as he got me out of a pickle and also kept it in his freezer for a week and said he'd be interested in buying some carcasses in the future. My local game dealer wanted £2 kg to butcher and as an aside, my local abattoir charges around £25-35 to butcher a pig or lamb obviously rising if you want sausages/burgers etc. If you are in a position to be able to do it yourself, I find it a really rewarding process and isn't as much hassle as you might think.


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I didn’t weight it, but would guess around 20kg
Roughly, and it depends on where the bullet hit it, you will get around 1lb of edible meat for every 1kg that it weighs lardered. More if you start adding pork fat etc. Have a look at the Scott Rea project on you tube - he does some very good videos on how to butcher an animal. And if it all goes wrong, you just mince the lot. Simples.....
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