hard case

  1. Recommendations for economical hard rifle cases

    I've had a look on the internet and there seem to be tons of "Cheap" hard rifle cases. Without handling these Its a bit hard to tell the difference between stuff that will serve my purpose, and stuff that is just plain rubbish and will break quickly. I've had a look on here for recommendations...
  2. Wanted: Hard case for Benelli M2

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has for sale a hard/technopolymer case for my Benelli M2 Comfortech 2+1 Black 12G? (Will need it shipped to Southern Ireland). Thanks and regards, GR.
  3. Not the place to advertise!!

    Advertising is in the classifieds section of this site NOT in the introduction section :roll: and if you want to advertise on the site you need to have 30 posts to your name before this is allowed. Therefore this post has been removed.