harris bipod

  1. Sold: Harris Bipod S (swivel) models bipod stud adaptor spare part *cheap!*

    Hi all, As per title I am selling the mounting bracket that attaches the bipod to the fore-end sling swivel stud. This will only work on the swivel base models. Good to have as a spare part, only selling this as my setups are either ARCA-Swiss or Picatinny mounts. £12 UK posted. Cheers!
  2. Sold: Harris Bipod LM Swivel 9”- 13” notched leg

    As above with spring loaded legs for easy deployment. As new condition. Grab a bargain £60 plus postage.
  3. For Sale: Harris Bipod

    Harris Bipod 8-12'' model i believe. Non-swivel model. Fits to sling stud on rifle. Looking for £50 posted.