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  1. Hawke Match Mounts on .243

    I went to my local gunsmiths the other day to mount a Schmidt scope to my .243 and he recommended a set of hawke match rings (Weaver, 30mm, Medium, Double screw). Are these rings actually up for the job? Or will I be forever chasing zero? Thanks in advance
  2. Sold: Hawke Endurance 30 WA SF 6-24 x 50 LR dot

    Private sale Hawke Endurance 30WA SF 6-24 x 50 (current production Endurance) boxed with receipt, manuals, scope bikini covers, unused sunshade and unused wipe cloth. LR dot reticle (centre red dot illuminated) with dashes as shown. Wide Angle lens Side Parralax (15yards to infinity)...
  3. POI change with zoom

    Just wondering whether anyone can shed some light on my situation, I've recently zeroed my tikka t3 25-06, unfortunately the scope I wanted to mount on it has come down with a case of broken reticle so off to meopta it is. In the meantime I have mounted a hawke vantage 6-24x50 and the duo were...
  4. Sold: Hawke Endurance 1.5 -6 x 44 IR 30mm Scope

    Hawke Endurance 1.5 - 6 x 44 30/30 IR reticle 30mm tube Magnum recoil proof Very well built and a solid construction Great and effective option for a woodland rifle or driven shooting. £160.00
  5. Sold: Hawke Sport HD 3- 9 x 50 scope

    As above S/h Plex type reticle HD - fully coated lenses Non-IR 25mm tube 1/4moa turrets Good choice for rimfire or airgun Good condition, a little glue remaining on tube from scope ring lining. Will be cleaned off before sending. £37.50 posted with Parcelforce 24hr. REDUCED TO £30...
  6. Sold: Hawke Endurance scope

    4-12x42 1'' tube Good condition with box Large calibre rated 30/30 illuminated reticle. £100 posted (cost new was £200)
  7. Sold: HAWKE professional laser range finder

    400meter HAWKE professional laser range finder. 6 x 25 Field of view at 1000 meters is 122meters. with case. Private sale £57. 50 posted
  8. Sold: 3 - 12 x 50 Hawke Endurance 30 Ret L4 Illuminated with rings

    Great used scope with a crisp centre illuminated dot, the L4 reticle The illuminated controls are on a turret opposite the windage turret on the other side of the tube. A great scope for a air rifle, a rimfire or even a centre fire. 30mm tube Parallax fixed at 100 yards Comes with dovetail...
  9. Sold: CZ 455 .22lr, scope and mod

    CZ455 .22LR rifle with walnut stock - good condition. http://dmfirearms.co.uk/?product=22lr-cz455-set-up-kit 16" heavy barrel (Bull) 1/2" UNF threaded with protector. Light trigger 10 shot magazine LOP is: 14 1/4" End of barrel moderator (SAK) New Hawke Vantage scope 3-9 x 50 IR AO...
  10. For Sale: Hawke Endurance 30 1.5-6x44 IR Rifle Scope and Burris weaver rings.

    As above, As new Built in flip up covers. Illuminated reticle. 30mm tube, comes with as new Burris rings. Some of Hawkes upper shelf optics.. very very well built and solid. Built for centrefire use with appropriate shock resistance for large full bore use. Now locked for comments as I...
  11. For Sale: HAWKE SIDEWINDER 4-16x50 SF ONLY £359.00

    HAWKE SIDEWINDER 4-16x50 10x HALF MILL DOT SF NOW IN STOCK RRP: £399.00 OUR PRICE : £359.00 R. Macleod & Son
  12. For Sale: Hawke Vantage IR 6-24X50 AO Rifle Scope - Ret Mil Dot

    Good afternoon Having a sort out. Selling a Hawke Vantage IR 6-24X50 AO Rifle Scope - Ret Mil Dot Bought new from Uttings for £153.00, fitted to rimfire and light use. Boxed, with scope bikini and manual. Small marks to turret caps and on tube from sportsmatch mounts (see below), tube is...
  13. Sold: Hawke Vantage AO 3x9-50 IR Mil Dot

    Hawke Vantage IR AO 3-9x50 mil dot. Used only a few times. Perfect condition. Come with hawk mounts. Can let you have weaver high or regular dovetails. Let me know which you require. Box infections cloth all included. £72:50 plus postage if your choice. Been on .22 but purchased a photon.
  14. For Sale: Hawk Vantage scope AO 3-9x50 IR mil dot

    Hawke Vantage AO 3-9X50 IR Mil dot. It's used but immaculate condition. Owned a few months and used only a few times. Been on .22. Tried getting it going with archer for rats but wasn't overly compatible so bought a photon. I have two sets on mounts. Hawk Weaver high and hawk dovetail. One set...
  15. Sold: Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 As new

    I am selling a 3 week old Hawk Sidewinder 30 SF 6-24x56. Has original box, instructions, sun shade, focus wheel and metal flip up caps. Selling only for a scope that I've been offered in a higher price bracket. Has been mounted to rifle, but absolutely no marks on it - immaculate condition. I...
  16. Hawke Prostalk Binoculars - anyone have a pair?

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone had a pair of Hawke Prostalk Binoculars in either 8 or 10 x 56? I've heard good things regarding their Frontier ED range and the Prostalk has the same glass. My only slight concern is the extra weight of 56mm Objectives at 41oz compared to their 8x43 at 26oz...
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