1. R. Macleod & Son

    For Sale: HAWKE SIDEWINDER 4-16x50 SF ONLY £359.00

    HAWKE SIDEWINDER 4-16x50 10x HALF MILL DOT SF NOW IN STOCK RRP: £399.00 OUR PRICE : £359.00 R. Macleod & Son
  2. paulbshooting

    For Sale: Hawke Vantage IR 6-24X50 AO Rifle Scope - Ret Mil Dot

    Good afternoon Having a sort out. Selling a Hawke Vantage IR 6-24X50 AO Rifle Scope - Ret Mil Dot Bought new from Uttings for £153.00, fitted to rimfire and light use. Boxed, with scope bikini and manual. Small marks to turret caps and on tube from sportsmatch mounts (see below), tube is...
  3. A

    Sold: Hawke Vantage AO 3x9-50 IR Mil Dot

    Hawke Vantage IR AO 3-9x50 mil dot. Used only a few times. Perfect condition. Come with hawk mounts. Can let you have weaver high or regular dovetails. Let me know which you require. Box infections cloth all included. £72:50 plus postage if your choice. Been on .22 but purchased a photon.
  4. A

    For Sale: Hawk Vantage scope AO 3-9x50 IR mil dot

    Hawke Vantage AO 3-9X50 IR Mil dot. It's used but immaculate condition. Owned a few months and used only a few times. Been on .22. Tried getting it going with archer for rats but wasn't overly compatible so bought a photon. I have two sets on mounts. Hawk Weaver high and hawk dovetail. One set...
  5. D

    Sold: Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 As new

    I am selling a 3 week old Hawk Sidewinder 30 SF 6-24x56. Has original box, instructions, sun shade, focus wheel and metal flip up caps. Selling only for a scope that I've been offered in a higher price bracket. Has been mounted to rifle, but absolutely no marks on it - immaculate condition. I...
  6. R

    For Sale: Scope, binos, rangefinder

    Hawke Vantage 6-24x50 AO Mil Dot IR Boxed, manual, etc.; unmarked. Reason for sale: it was on a air-rifle I no longer use. NB The bikini covers are ok, but I wouldn't trust them in the field. Price: £120:00 including postage Leupold RX-1200i Digital Laser Rangefinder; part no. 119359. Boxed...
  7. charliefox

    Hawke Prostalk Binoculars - anyone have a pair?

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone had a pair of Hawke Prostalk Binoculars in either 8 or 10 x 56? I've heard good things regarding their Frontier ED range and the Prostalk has the same glass. My only slight concern is the extra weight of 56mm Objectives at 41oz compared to their 8x43 at 26oz...