1. OISÍN

    Heads up on bullet heads

    Had my FEO visit last week for a variation and part of the discussion was on volume of ammo when reloading, he suggested that I have the RFD put the heads on my ticket, I said why do I want to do that ? I can go buy them on the internet, answer was so we can understand the volume being used...
  2. handsomebob

    For Sale: Bullets - Various Calibres

    Prices based on what I can find online. Target bullets can be posted but expanding cannot of course. I'll have to work out postage based on the weight of course. Offers welcome and bundle deals available .20 130 x 32gr VMAX - £20 25 x 32gr VMAX - free with above .22 450 x 40gr VMAX - £70...