1. Tanning a red hind hide

    Thought I'd have another go at tanning a hide. I did a roe previously which turned out well and has retained almost all of it's hair (wish I could say the same for me!). So here's a red hide I de-fleshed on an ash log using the blunt side of a drawer knife, then stretched on to a frame (only...
  2. For Sale: Jack pike real tree blind material

    Approximately 50m never used £150 ono
  3. For Sale: The Karelian "Bear Hunter".

    The Karelian "Bear Hunter". Handcrafted in Russia by Expert Blade-Smith - Eduard Tichonov. Made for Professional Hunters and Big Game Specialists. Hand-carved handle made from lathed and smoothed, rich Karelian Birch. 100% Leather Sheaths - 1 x Buckle Sheath and 1 x Straight Sheath...
  4. Fox skins and the law!

    Not deer related but can anybody help me out with where I would stand legally selling fox skins? I had a browse online but all I Could find was the outlawing of fur farming, nothing regarding the sale of fox furs from vermin control etc. Seems a shame to keep wasting them! Thanks in advance