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  1. 5 mins of fame

    5 mins of fame

    If Guinness made high seats ......
  2. Highseat - How Often?

    Hi All, Interested to hear your opinions on this one - in your experience how often can you shoot Fallow from the same highseat before they start to get wise to it? Once a week? Once a month? Fortnightly? How often do you all use the same highseat? TIA Tom
  3. For Sale: Black astro turf for highseat rails

    I have three spare lengths of black smurf turf suitable for lagging highseat rails. Each is approx 1 metre x 2 metres and will easily cover the rails of a 36” x 36” rifle rest. This stuff is permeable, the squirrels won't chew it and your owls and other raptors won't get their talons stuck in...
  4. HSF Highseat

    Hi All, I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful highseat. Has anyone got any experience of / opinions on these from Bushwear: https://www.bushwear.co.uk/hsf-summit-stalker-high-seat-s16923.html They are selling for £99 so seem worth a try? Thanks in advance. Tom
  5. Wanted: Cheapest Highseat or stalking for Roe bucks? around south, SE, or midland

    Hi everyone I am just wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper highseat or stalking for Roe bucks this summer which are cheaper than my current cheapest option. The best price ive found so far is £70 per stalk with no kill or trophy fees, highseat only. Although this is a great price in...
  6. Moving a large timber highseat

    Just thought I'd post these pics of how we moved a rather heavy wooden highseat over 2 fields by pushing it. Whole task took less than an hour. The wheels (inflatable wheelbarrow wheels) were from the local farm supply shop but Screwfix do some similar. The axles were a couple of 150mm M12...
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