HSF Highseat

Hi, I've got a few of these. Cheap and cheerful is a fair description!
However, bushwear is not the cheapest place to buy them. I think I got mine from sportsman gun centre.
Ive got some of these. They are made of cheese and the welding is atrocious. But once you get past the worry of climbing the flexing ladder and tentatively sit down they are fine for a cheap highseat.
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[FONT=.SF UI Display][FONT=.SFUIDisplay]“There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey.”

Good quality seats offered by a member or two here in stalking equipment classified page; spend a wee bit more and have something that truly lasts. I have such 'proper' seats over 25 years old now, that's roughly £1-2 per year more to last 20 years longer than these Chinese papier-mâché efforts.[/FONT][/FONT]
Owner of my permission bought a couple of these, nice gesture but they are truly awful. Poor materials, crap welds (bottom rung has rusted through after a year), rail is too low for me and the seat is slippery. Spend a bit more and get one from keiths high seats or I think someone makes them on here as well.
The HSF 'Summit' seats are not great but can be improved to be 'acceptable' for very little money:
1. Shooting rail needs pipe insulation taped/glued to make a better rifle rest. It is too low and not adjustable, but it is good if you're shooting slightly downhill.
2. Ladder needs reinforcing at the back - I use two 12' lengths of 3x3" taped with Gorilla tape to the back of the vertical rungs - it makes the seat much more stable and secure.
3. Seat needs some padding - I use the gardener's kneeling pads taped to the seat, available from garden centers - £3.99
4. Back rest could also do with some padding - as (3)

I do agree with the other replies that you're actually better of buying one high quality high seat - such as Keith's- than 3-4 low quality ones. Long-term it is cheaper. I also strongly recommend you always buy DOUBLE high-seats - much more comfortable to work from, even if you almost always use it as a single user. Finally I would always go for powder coated NATO-green instead of shiny and noticeable.
Spend more and buy quality from Keiths high seats or similar. I bought one of these cheapo seats from sportsman gun and after some welding and other mods, any cost saving was gone and time wasted.
I bought one a few years back.
It was 'ok' not brilliant by any means but did a turn.
I replaced the bolts and gave them a coat of wax-oil and it lasted three years. Bit wobbly when climbing, but reasonable when seated.

I would spend slightly more and buy a sturdier one.