Leica Amplus 6
  1. For Sale: .308 Hornady & S&B brass

    500 S&B once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £30/100 Inc P&P to UK mainland. 110 Hornady once fired brass in the original 20 round boxes £35/110 Inc P&P to UK mainland.
  2. Wanted: .308 full length sizing die

    Hi, anyone got a full length sizing die for a .308 available. I’d prefer Hornady custom, or RCBS, but what have people got gathering dust?
  3. Sold: 45cal Hornady Black powder round lead balls

    As above, unopened box of 100. (cal 45/.457) Along with two plastic packs of lead balls, believed to be of the same size, guestimate quantity of 50 plus. Please see photograph. £25 posted
  4. Introduction - Hornady VMAX 30grn .22WMR Surrey

    Hello all, I have just joined the group and wanted to introduce myself :) I have just started and recently purchased a Ruger M77/22 ALL WEATHER .22 WMR and a CZ 452 American .22LR I had my 22.WMR zeroed when I purchased at Ivythorn Sportin using Hornady VMAX 30grn but I am strugling to find a...
  5. For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

    88 x Hornady 150gn GMX .308 £55 + £3 P+P These are lead free and normally sell for £48 per 50. Please PM if you have any questions.
  6. For Sale: 75gn Hornady Amax .223 (moly coated)

    200 x 75gn Hornady Amax (Moly) £20 per 100 + £2 P+P Please PM for any questions.
  7. Sold: Hornady 6.5mm ELD 130gr Bullets..... 5 Boxes

    As per heading I've got 500 Hornady 130gr ELD Match for sale due to a change in plans. £42 per box posted One box has been opened but inner bag has not as per pics. Toby
  8. Sold: FREE 200x 8mm (.323'') Projectiles.

    Surplus to requirements and taking up space in my modest Ammo Cabinet. FREE to collector - or can post at your cost. I am simply not going to use them, so if anyone will please take them away.
  9. For Sale: Redding .257 die set

    Redding .257 Roberts FL die set. Old but unused with factory rust preventative film still present. Box has crack in lid as shown but shuts securely. £45 posted
  10. For Sale: Hornady 300 AAC Blackout

    208g Subsonic @ £125/100 125g Supersonic @ £120/100 We'll be at The Phoenix show this weekend if you want to drop by!
  11. Sold: Hornady .25-06 Modified Lock-N-Load Case

    Used twice and no longer needed as I'm selling the rifle. £5 delivered.
  12. Sold: Hornady Lock N Load Progressive AP press, Dies & Manuals - As New

    For sale my Hornady Lock N Load progressive AP 5 stage press including all accessories for this model (powder thrower, collection tub, primer feed/collection) I am selling this a a complete package. This was given to me as a gift a few years ago. However, I have only ever assembled the unit and...
  13. Wanted: .243 Hornady Superformace SST rounds

    I'm In East Sussex, I live nr Brighton. Does anyone have any .243 Hornady Superformance SST rounds for sale? Cash waiting and happy to pay for fuel to deliver if possible. Nobody nr me stocks them. Thanks in advance
  14. 180 grain SST too much for a Red Stag?

    Hi all. Does anyone have any real world experience of how the 180 grain Hornady SST performs of Red deer when shot from .30-06? They worked well on Boar but mildly concerned they may not fully expand on Highland Stags... Thanks in advance, Miles
  15. Hornady 165 grain SST's - .308

    Has anyone used these on Roe? I have been given a box of 100 and wondered what the carcasss damage was like. I have been using 150 grain SST's for several years and I really like them. Any input on how they fly, etc would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
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